Month: October 2008

Don't focus on where we are today, but where we intend to go.

Dopod C730W – SoftBank

I bought this SmartPhone on, and the price is 1800 CNY. The design of Dopod C730W is good for business, QWERTY keyboard and Exchange Mail. But I found several issues on it. one is the key labels are different with actual keys. I think the root cause maybe the Windows Mobile system has been…
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October 26, 2008 2

My Little Mouse 1

My little mouse was born on Oct 14th 2008, it is a very important thing for our family. 🙂 “Nice to meet you on my Dadi’s blog! You know, I am a boy, I am a handsome boy!”

October 21, 2008 0

My Name Borna

The meaning of the name Borna is Youthful, and the origin of the name Borna is Armenian.

October 6, 2008 0