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WP Mobile Pack

May 6, 2015 Internet IT Software 2

I am using WP Mobile Pack for my website as a mobile plugin. I have to say this is a powerful WordPress plugin, and it is simple for installing/configuring!

But recently, I found a critical issue for using this plugin. it is that only first web page could be opened in my mobile phone, no more content! I contacted technical team of WP Mobile Pack, and reported this issue to them. According to their response, the root cause is that WP Mobile Pack interacted with other plugin(s). I tested it again, the evaluation is correct! Now it is working, but I have to deactivate all the other plugins.

Actually, WP Mobile Pack was working well with other plugins in my website. someday, I upgraded to the new version of WordPress, after that the issue of WP Mobile Pack was there. I guess this issue is API related interaction issue maybe, but anyway I do not understand why this kind of issue could not be isolated in advanced before version release? Because we could say other plugin(s) interact my plugin anytime!  🙁

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  1. Borna Yuqn says:

    WP Mobile Pack

  2. Borna Yuan says:

    :evil:I have disabled this plugin already……

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