Sebastian Vettel goes to Ferrari

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Sebastian Vettel goes to Ferrari

October 7, 2014 F1 Hobbies 2

As Red Bull F1 team announced that Vettel will leave Red Bull F1 team at the end of 2014 season, and he will join Ferrari team from 2015 season! This is should be a great changing for Vettel!

And meanwhile Alonso will leave Ferrari F1 team, he is going to McLaren F1 team from 2015 season. Actually Alonso still had two more years to run on his contract, but he and Ferrari have agreed to separate. Vettel will be replaced at Red Bull F1 team by Russian Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat.

Previously, we were talking Vettel will be the next Germany driver for replacing Micheal, now it is coming to be true.

Vettel Vettel Vettel

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  1. KKL says:

    It’s good news!

  2. KKL says:

    It’s good news!

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