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New Design for New Season

Formula One always lead the best things in all industries and areas on the world. Here, the new design has been released! Mercedes Benz!

February 20, 2019 0

A new Schumacher will be in F1, Door open for Michael’s son Mick

From He’s got arguably the most famous surname in motorsport – but will Mick Schumacher ever follow his famous father Michael and Uncle Ralf onto the F1 grid? The 19-year-old’s chances are looking increasingly promising, after some storming performances in Formula 3 this year have caught the attention of several F1 team bosses –…
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September 23, 2018 0

Upgrade Finished

All Domain Names and Web Portals have been upgraded completely. Again, yes, the platform has been changed to new one! So far, everything is very good!

August 12, 2018 1